2023 Giant Reign SX Geometry

Dive into the world of mountain biking with confidence. At Bikometry, we specialize in understanding the intricate details of mountain bike geometry and kinematics. With our expertise, you’re in the right place to learn about the 2023 Giant Reign SX.

The 2023 Giant Reign SX is a marvel in the world of enduro bikes. With its enhanced features and optimized geometry, it promises an unparalleled biking experience. Whether you’re racing downhill or navigating challenging terrains, the Reign SX is designed to offer stability, agility, and control.

But there’s more to this bike than meets the eye. Let’s delve deeper into its features and what makes it stand out.

Is Giant Reign an Enduro?

Absolutely. The 2023 Giant Reign is a full-fledged enduro race bike. It boasts a 170mm travel fork and 160mm of rear travel. Furthermore, it’s standardly equipped with 29in wheels, ensuring a smooth and stable ride on even the roughest terrains.

What is Reign SX?

The Reign SX is Giant’s new enduro bike that promises confidence and control, even on the most challenging terrains. Its unique mixed wheel size, with a 29-inch front and 27.5 rear, masterfully combines stability and speed with an agility that truly stands out.

Is Giant Reign SX Progressive?

The engineering behind the Giant Reign emphasizes its progressive geometry, particularly suited for its 29-inch wheels. This translates to shorter chainstays, an elongated toptube, and headtube/seattube angles that position the rider ideally for conquering varied singletrack terrains.

What Size Shocks are in the Giant Reign?

For those curious about the technical details, the shock size for the Giant Reign is 205 x 60, providing a travel of 146mm.

How Much is the New Giant Reign?

For those considering an investment in this masterpiece, the range for the Giant Reign starts with the aluminum Reign 29, priced at $4,799.00.

Mountain biking enthusiasts and professionals alike will find the 2023 Giant Reign SX to be a game-changer. With its advanced features, progressive geometry, and competitive pricing, it’s set to redefine enduro biking standards. So, whether you’re planning your next mountain adventure or gearing up for a race, the Reign SX promises an experience like no other. Dive in and explore the world of mountain biking with the best in the business.

2023 Giant Reign SX Geometry Chart

ASEAT TUBE LENGTH (mm)425450475
BSEAT TUBE ANGLE77.9° | 78.3°77.0° | 77.3°77.0° | 77.3°
CTOP TUBE LENGTH (mm)588 | 587621 | 620653 | 652
DHEAD TUBE LENGTH (mm)105115120
EHEAD TUBE ANGLE63.1° | 63.5°63.1° | 63.5°63.1° | 63.5°
FFORK RAKE (mm)565656
GTRAIL (mm)130 | 127130 | 127130 | 127
HWHEELBASE (mm)1228 | 12271283 | 12821316 | 1315
ICHAIN STAY LENGTH (mm)443 | 442443 | 442443 | 442
JBOTTOM BRACKET DROP (mm)25 | 1925 | 1925 | 19
KSTACK (mm)635 | 632644 | 641648 | 645
LREACH (mm)452 | 456472 | 476503 | 507
MSTAND OVER HEIGHT (mm)737 | 742750 | 755766 | 771
OSTEM LENGTH (mm)505050
PCRANK LENGTH (mm)165165165
QWHEEL SIZEF29/R27,5F29/R27,5F29/R27,5

2023 Giant Reign SX Geometry Diagram

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